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Stop Snoring with SnorBan®

Stop snoring or your money back!

We have such good experiences with SnorBan that we are now offering a 30-day trial period. If you are not satisfied with the result, we will refund your money! Order here → 

SnorBan® Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

SnorBan® is a revolutionary patented product designed to stop your snoring. The SnorBan® mouthpiece gives you night after night of beneficial, peaceful, snoreless sleep.

It is a mouthpiece which gently holds the lower jaw forward causing the windpipe to open. This position allows air to pass without vibrating the tissues of the throat, the cause of the noise – so putting a stop to the snoring. (How does SnorBan® work?).

Clinically Proven to treat Snoring

In clinical studies, SnorBan has demonstrated a reduction of snoring for more than three out of four users. The results are also supported by a number of international studies, which demonstrate that anti-snoring mouthpieces have a particularly positive effect on snoring. (See clinical studies).

Cooperate with ear, nose and throat specialists

SnorBan cooperates with a number of ear, nose and throat specialists, who are also specialists in sleep and snoring disorders. SnorBan can be individually adjusted to the user's set of teeth and consequently gives a high degree of comfort. SnorBan works with the same principle as the dentist's specially produced anti-snoring mouthpiece. 

Sold since 1994

SnorBan is produced in the USA and the material is FDA approved and does not contain latex or BPA. SnorBan is the original documented solution for snoring and has been sold since 1994.

Stop snoring - poor sleep gives poor quality of life

Snoring is an ordinary occurrence and many people have had sleepless nights because their partner snores. Regardless of whether you are the one listening to your partner's snoring, or whether you have a tendency to snore, both situations can impair your quality of life. Constant fatigue and disturbed sleep at night for the snoring person's partner and family result in bags under the eyes, pale skin and poor quality of life.

Stop snoring - try SnorBan!

Do you snore or are you tired and off-colour because of your partner's snoring? Solve your snoring problems with SnorBan and get a good night's sleep without snoring. We guarantee the effect or your money back.

SnorBan® mouthpiece

SnorBan anti-snoring mouthpiece eliminates or reduces snoring and improves the quality of sleep. SnorBan has a documented effect and works immediately. It gives a high degree of comfort as it is individually shaped to fit the user's set of teeth. SnorBan is made of hypo-allergenic thermoplastic and in a light and durable design. Special offer: Guaranteed effect or your money back within 30 days!

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