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Tips for reducing snoring

Try to lose weight: It is well-documented that overweight people often snore. Being overweight can lead to snoring because fat accumulates under the tongue, in the palate and in the throat, making it more difficult for air to pass and the narrow respiratory passages more likely to vibrate. Just a couple of extra kilos can cause snoring and people who successfully lose weight often experience a significant reduction in their snoring.

Quit smoking:  Smoking irritates the mucous membranes and contributes to swelling in the throat. Studies have shown that problems with snoring occur at twice the frequency for smokers as for non-smokers. 

Avoid alcohol: Alcohol makes the muscles in the throat relax and increases the risk of snoring. Therefore, people who snore should limit their consumption of alcohol and avoid alcohol entirely for at least four hours before going to bed.

Learn to sleep on your side:  Snoring is often worsened when you sleep on your back. Have your partner observe you to see if you only snore when you sleep on your back. You can learn to sleep on your side by making it uncomfortable to sleep on your back. For example, you could sew a tennis ball onto the back of your pyjama top. You could also position a large pillow behind you to stop you turning onto your back.

Breathe through your nose:  A blocked nose can result in snoring. A nasal expander opens the nostrils and improves air intake through the nose.

Ensure a dust-free sleeping environment: Different allergies can constrict the respiratory passages. Ensure you maintain a dust-free sleeping environment, particularly mattresses and linen. Daily nasal rinsing will help to reduce the symptoms. We recommend Nasaline nasal rinser combined with Snooze nasal expanders.

Choose the right pillow:  A large pillow exposes the throat to pressure.

Snoring mouthpiece: Snoring is often caused by the soft palate and the root of the tongue partially blocking the respiratory passages in the throat. Therefore, in most cases an anti-snoring mouthpiece will remedy the problem. 

Allergies and snoring

Snoring is caused by vibrations from the soft palate and other tissue in the mouth, nose and throat. The vibrations are caused by turbulence in the respiratory passages when we breathe. The turbulence is caused by a partial blocking of the respiratory passages, which can be anywhere between the tip of the nose to the vocal chords. Snoring is often a symptom of other conditions, including allergic reactions. With an allergic reaction, the nasal mucous membranes become inflamed and swell, partially blocking the respiratory passages and preventing correct breathing through the nasal respiratory passages. This blockage of the nasal respiratory passages can lead to snoring and impaired sleep. The products from Nasaline ease breathing through the nose, helping to reduce snoring.

How Snoring affects your Relationship & how to stop snoring

Relationship Issues

Snoring can place severe strain on a relationship. Imagine sleeping next to a buzz-saw every night. Before long, you will become angry and resentful. You may even start waking the snorer up to stop the noise or to reposition them. In the morning, you are both tired and upset from the night’s disturbance. In one extreme case, a wife applied Super Glue to her husband’s lips and nostrils to stop the snoring. He suffocated and died.

This is an extreme example, but living with a snorer can be very trying. As well as physical exhaustion and fatigue, the emotions of a snorer’s partner can range from anger, frustration and feelings of violence through to desperation, resentment and lack of confidence and self esteem.

But there is no need to suffer thanks to SnorBan®. The mouthpiece is easy to fit and use and repositions the snorer’s jaw, widening the airway and alleviating the snoring. It is such a simple solution which could save your relationship. After a few nights of good quality sleep you will feel more able to enjoy your life with your partner and remember all the wonderful things which attracted you to them in the first place!

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