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SnorBan DK ApS was formed in 1996 to help snorers and their bed partners to end the nights of disturbed and lost sleep, to end the bad feelings that often develop and to help them return again to peaceful nights together.

The SnorBan mouthpiece was developed to help chronic snorers and their partners find an affordable way to stop snoring. Only SnorBan® is the original scientifically tested solution for snoring, recommended by medical experts (see research).

Europe head office

SnorBan DK Aps
Dalgas Avenue 40
8000 Aarhus C

Shop owner: Kristian Luplau
Commercial Register Aarhus
VAT Registration Number: DK31276071

Contact: Please contact us via email for an immediate response. This takes priority over telephone calls. 
Phone: +45 86262422 or +45 50549804

SnorBan U.S. office

Developers and manufacturers of the SnorBan® Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece.

Snoring Relief Labs,
Inc.342 S. Corona Street
Denver, CO 80209
Phone 720-663-8064
A message from the inventor
"We have been very successful with this SnorBan® mouthpiece business for 15 years as it is now sold all over the world. Our distributors have all come to me and asked to distribute the SnorBan® mouthpiece because it had worked so well for their snoring problem. So successful is the SnorBan® that many others have copied my mouthpiece and are selling an inferior product on the Internet in competition with the SnorBan®. Unfortunately for them my patent has kept them from being able to use the important design features that make the SnorBan® mouthpiece so comfortable and effective. We specialize in a good night’s sleep." 

D. Snyder,Inventor

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